Newborn Session Preperation Guide

What to expect…

The majority of the shoot will be us, working together, to get your baby asleep or calm enough so I can attempt to move them into some simple poses. My photography style is very natural & in the moment. I am unable to offer any poses where your baby is manipulated into unnatural shapes. I prefer to capture what is in front of me rather than create a false image after. All attempts are dependent on the baby. Some babies simply don’t like some poses. Others decide that this is the day they will be staying awake all day! – Do not worry I have a few Plan B’s for non-sleepy babies. Please also do not spend time worrying about me – no newborn session is the same – I am not expecting your baby to come in, sleep the entire time, stay in a perfect position, not wee on me or throw up on something. Come to the studio relax and have fun, enjoy my awful tea making skills and try to not to fall asleep with the heat! The room will be warm; this is to ensure your baby is comfortable as the majority of shots are natural. So please wear layers so you are also comfortable.

What should I bring?

Please bring your changing bag. I do have nappies, and wipes should you need. I can also provide hot water. The majority of shots will be natural or in some lovely little rompers and wraps. You are welcome to bring the blanket Aunt Joan knitted or any special teddies that baby has been given. Please bring your babies dummy if they have one as this can help with settlingthem.


A baby with a full tummy is a happy baby, so please be prepared to feed during the shoot. I will usually ask that you feed your baby at the beginning of the session to give us the best chance of capturing some beautiful memories – I will give you the privacy, should you need, to do this. If your baby needs to feed at any point during the shoot we will stop to do this 

What should I wear?

 I will be concentrating on photographing the upper part of the body.

So don't worry too much about your bottoms .

Keep it pretty neutral if you can Simple tones. Warm tones, beiges, whites can work too. :)

Avoid clashing colours, stripes across the body, big logos any patterns. the idea is to use colours that are not distracting from baby.

Accidents do happen so please make sure you are ok with them happening on the clothes you are wearing. Baby is more than likely going to save that massive wee for one of you!

  • For Mums If you are planning to achieve a more skin to skin look with your baby, then I would recommend you get something like a bandeau. Ideally, this is a light colour or skin colour.

  • If you are concerned about your arms, I would recommend long sleeves items              or ¾ sleeve length tops. Avoid vest tops as these will show your bra straps.

  • Light coloured tops, beiges, pale pastels, whites are all recommended.

  • For Dads Some dads like a skin to skin shot, however this is up to you.  Sometimes dads want to show their tattoos with baby which can make a lovely portrait.

  • If you wish your photos to look more formal, you can bring a few shirts too.           Dark and light, and avoid lines in clothing.

  • For Siblings Again simple & neutral is best although this can be harder to achieve with children's clothes, finding a boys shirt with out Spiderman on is tricky! For siblings wearing dresses or skirts please make sure these are long enough that when they sit down to cover their knickers. Most images will be taken from waist up but just in case :)



I have several props that include hats, baskets and blankets and all have a natural feel to them. If there is anything you would like to bring that is special to you or your baby then please feel free to do so, eg one family loved music so they brought in a guitar and we took images of this at the maternity session then placed the baby on this during his newborn, 6 month and 1st birthday session.

Please discuss any ideas with me.

Seen something you like?

If you have seen one of my images or another image that you would like to recreate, let me know before the shoot, if possible by email and I can see if I can recreate this for you. If you have any ideas please let me know. I am here to make sure you get what you want and if I can – I will!

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