Newborn Sessions 

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Your newborn session will last 2 hours approx, this is to allow for changes, feeding and those reassuring cuddles for your little bundle.  If possible it is best if your baby is under 3 1/2 weeks old , they will hopefully still have that 'newborn curl' & are usually still sleeping a lot. (although you may not feel like it !)  My studio is nice and warm with lots of comfy blankets, different coloured backgrounds and simple props.

 During the session , your little one who so far has been a little dream...may suddenly decide that today is the day that's all going to change. Please do not worry yourself during the shoot, that's why I allow for 2 hours as inevitably they will decide today actually is that day. But patience is a wonderful thing and I have oodles of it . So when this happens we can take a break, relax drink our tea & when they are ready we will try again. The more relaxed we all are the better for them.

For the session you can bring a variety of outfits, although please bare in mind that a baby being changed 20 times in an hour may be a bit grumpy :) Also any favourite blankets that you may like some shots taken on. Parents and siblings are welcome to join in and get those family portraits.

After the shoot  I will then do any editing needed and make all images taken from the shoot available to download via my website. They will be watermark free for your personal use. There are no extras to pay. 


​Use the calendar below to book your session. If you'd like to book a date/time that isn't available on the calendar please contact me directly. Evenings are available on request.


Watch me grow…...

A newborn session, 6 month session and a cake smash! 

Children grow up so fast… these sessions offer a chance to capture your child over their first year. Showing how their looks and personalities develop.

Your first session will be as a newborn under 21 days , then around 6/7 months you return for another session when they are sitting and have developed a little more.  And then finally returning for a cake smash to mark their first birthday.

Each session you will receive all the images from that session. These will be edited and uploaded into a private online gallery where you and anyone you give the password too can also download.